Creative Salary Negotiation Workshop

You probably heard that there’s a gender pay gap; women typically earn 80% of what men earn. And it’s not just that men and women choose different jobs, with women typically choosing lower-paying professions; female registered nurses, an occupation that’s overwhelmingly female-dominated, earn only 92% of what male registered nurses earn! This is a persistent problem throughout the American work force, and it needs to be addressed. It has not changed much despite other changes in diversity in the last several years. The statistics are even worse for men and women of color.

Often this is because women don’t negotiate their salaries when they get new jobs. We are hoping to address this by offering a workshop to give students tools they need to negotiation their starting salaries in their first jobs after college.

On Tuesday, April 9, Tyler and TFMA will be co-sponsoring a Creative Salary Negotiation Workshop at 6 pm in Architecture 104. This will be an active, experiential workshop. You are welcome to BYOD (bring your own dinner); we will provide coffee, tea, hot chocolate and cookies.

This workshop is designed to acquaint students with the basics of salary negotiation, specifically geared to those seeking creative careers. Learn the secrets to figuring out how much you need to earn to survive, what your skills/experiences are worth in the marketplace and how to successfully negotiate a fair salary/rate.

All students (both men and women) are invited to attend regardless of major. This is geared towards creative careers and freelancing will be addressed.

Please REGISTER HERE so we know you’re coming and have a workbook for you!