Free Screening for My Sister Hali

My Sister Hali, a documentary by Graphic Design Professor Paul Sheriff will be screened at the Temple Performing Arts Center, 1837 North Broad Street, Philadelphia, on Sunday, March 17 at 4 pm. Everyone is invited to attend.

Prior to the screening Dr. Charles Abramovic and Heidi Jacob, will discuss the process of composing the film score. After the discussion, pianist, Dr. Abramovic and cellist, Jeffery Solow, both professors at the Boyer School of Music will be performing the music for the movie.

My Sister, Hali tells the story of Hali Sheriff, an internationally acclaimed American athlete and front runner for the 1968 Olympic Women’s Gymnastics Team, whose promising life ended much too soon. It was early summer of 1966 when 14 year old gymnastics superstar Hali Sheriff was killed in a plane crash. All six passengers on board the small aircraft died, including Hali’s mother and coach, Virginia, and father, Harold Sheriff. Surviving brothers, Paul (10) and John (16), were not on the plane.

This moving, character driven story of a gifted star gymnast, and the team that cherished her, is told through the resilient eyes of her younger brother, Paul Sheriff. After remaining silent for nearly 50 years, Paul opens up for the first time to revisit the magnitude of Hali’s career, the shock of her untimely death, the traumatic loss of both his parents and its everlasting impact on their small, midwestern community of Blue Mound, Illinois.

The project has been the subject of numerous articles in newspapers throughout the county including the Philadelphia Inquirer. The film opened the doors for Hali Sheriff to be inducted into the World Acrobatic Society Gallery of Legends Hall of Fame in a ceremony this fall in Las Vegas Nevada. In conjunction with Women History Month, WHYY will feature the documentary on Sunday, March 24 at 6:50pm.