Osaka, Japan: I find this stuffed toy in an alley. In Japan, if someone finds something that someone else has lost, people will put it in a very obvious place. Owners will easily find their lost property when they come back.

kyoto, Japan: Geisha. Geisha is the career of Japanese performing arts.

Miyajima, Japan: There are fawn everywhere in Miyajima, tourists will buy cookies to feed them. When I was resting in a chair, I found a fawn trying to bite one people’s clothes.

Osaka, Japan: I saw this seal in the Osaka Aquarium. He looks very proud when he was sleeping.

London, the UK: The doorway of a century old toy store in Oxford Street, staffs were performing Harry’s classic scenes. 

Cambridge, the UK: I took this photo when I walk on the path after rain. Half of the road was covered with fallen petals.

Shangri-la, China: When I came up the path, I found a squirrel who looked at me.

Jiufen, China: The cat who is taking a nap looks enjoying the sunshine.

Cancun, Mexico: Wild lizards can be seen everywhere in the streets of Cancun.

Philadelphia, the US: Philadelphia zoo, A tiger was yawning.

Corvallis, the US: A stray cat  is looking up at the starry sky.

Phuket, Thailand: Due to the high temperature in Thailand, many stray dogs lie at the front of the convenience store. When the door opens, they can feel the cool of air conditioner.