who really care about you

A person doesn’t care about you,

See how often he chats with you.

Some people are busy and will not forget you,

As long as he has time to contact you,

As soon as you send a message, you will be back.

He may not be good at expressing,

But it will be full of care in the daily drip.


It’s cold, he will remind you to add clothes,

Even knowing that you will take care of yourself,

He will still care about your body.

After work, he will send a greeting.

Even if you know that you are too busy working overtime,

He will still remind you to remember to rest.


Some things are obviously cumbersome.

He will be willing to repeat it.

Not that he is very leisure, or has a lot of time,

Because he cares, he wants to care about you.

These things are reflected in daily life,

These loves run through little things.



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