How to add a new page

It is simple. In the ‘dashboard’ just look for ‘pages’ on the left and then select ‘add new’.

Once you’ve done this, then you’ll see two fields. One is small and at the top is for the title of the page and the other is for the text of the post.

For the text of the post you’ll see two tabs at the top right – Visual and HTML. Visual is kind of like making your post in MS Word. You have a few options at the top, it is easy, but also somewhat limited. HTML allows you to do a lot more if you know what you are doing. You’ll have to know some code or look it up somewhere. Most people won’t be able to use HTML.

When you have done this you can click ‘publish’ to the right. Now the page will show up in your menu on your website and you can see it by clicking ‘visit site’ at the top of the dashboard.

There are tons of options for appearance and creating sub-pages, but I won’t get into all that. I suggest just playing around and seeing what you like.

If you make any changes, just click the ‘update’ button on the right and it will publish your changes.

You’ll probably want to have at least a couple of pages on your site and one should have a link to your CV. At the top of the field where you add the text of your page there is an option to upload/insert different types of files. This is the easiest way to add your CV. Once you’ve uploaded the pdf of your CV then you choose the option to add it to post and then there will be a link to the document on that page. Temple also has instructions on creating a CV in the website, that link is in the ‘Links for help’ menu item.

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