Getting started

So, the first thing to do is go to

Once you are there you will see some options on your right. You can select any of the options even though you aren’t faculty or staff. Choosing the Faculty or Staff option actually gives you better template options to choose from since basically you are wanting a site that looks like a faculty site (with spots for CV, Classes and contact).

You can browse through some of the templates and choose one of them or make a custom site. Even if you do a custom site you’ll still have plenty of cookie cutter options to make it easy for you.

To create the site you’ll have to log in using your Temple username. Then you have the options of creating your URL. Whatever you pick will be at the end of

I suggest simply using your name. In academia our name is our brand so plaster it all over the site. So my site is

Next you’ll have to type in a title for your site. This will be the header of your home page, so for this site it is ‘Building a website’. My personal one is Jay Jennings, Temple University, I choose that because that is the most likely way people will remember me (name + school) and how they’ll google me. The more you have that info prominently on your page the more likely your site will come up at the top when someone googles you.

You’ll have to accept their terms and conditions and then you create the site.

Also, note that you can create multiple sites if you need to. This could come in handy if you wanted to have a site for the job market and another for your students. Or maybe you want to create a site about all the yummy food trucks on campus with menus, contact info and ratings. That would be great, someone should do that.


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