Statement of Purpose 2019

My main intellectual interests have remained tied to history and film studies. After last semester, my historical interest has stretched into the public history sphere of things along with other more traditional historical topics.  Through past experiences learning about public history, I had the opportunity to broaden my understanding of what history really is. Since my experiences last semester, I decided that public history is the kind of historical field I’m most suited for, in contrast to academia or teaching. Over the winter break, I started making a list of interesting museums, like the new one out in California all about movies. These are places I’d like to visit at some point, (with the possibility of working at some of these places on some lofty level of aspirations).

I’m excited to learn more about material culture, one aspect I find interesting about the field is the application of analyze and research methods to objects that normally wouldn’t be given that kind of treatment. Just by looking through the reading material for this class, I’ve seen the vast number of researchable things that can be filed under material culture. Even with the exercise we did in class, the diversity of materials we got to examine reveals the scope of the study of material culture. This is a topic of study I really haven’t had the chance to study in-depth before. So I am looking forward to the opportunities that come with it. I also have never been to the Drexel Costume Collection, so I am looking forward to visiting there soon!

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