Experience as a Certified Nursing Assistant has deeply rooted  my heart in health care. Transferring to Temple University as a sophomore, I was encouraged to look into the study of Recreational Therapy. Interestingly enough, I was moved after doing some research and reflecting on the few therapist of whom I’ve worked along  with in the past. It then occurred to me the positive impact Therapeutic Recreation (TR) has on an individuals lifestyle and well-being as a whole. Soon after, I declared Therapeutic Recreation as my major and life interest. A new love and outlook upon leisure and health was created within me.

     As a granddaughter/great- granddaughter and a current caregiver to some, I plan to engage my future profession as a Recreation Therapist to improve the well-being and health of all individuals, but mainly with a focus on the elderly community. I wish to encourage optimal emotional, physical, social, and mental health specifically within this population. My goals are to decrease the suffering and burdens of those with Alzheimer’s/ Dementia, as well as their loved ones. Also, to decrease the stigmas and stereotypes of “old people.” By creating an agency that uses leisure on various settings such as: aquatic, art, music, sports therapies, etc…, I can help older adults achieve their ultimate health potential so they embrace their age, all the while being as young as they feel.

   Through continued experience, I am consistently developing fundamental skills which will be essential in accomplishing my future goals. Remaining inquisitive pertaining to the needs and best interest of all people and comparing them to that of geriatrics, provides me with knowledge of current issues with in the elderly community. This will create a superb platform for me to engage the elderly in new interventions, that present more effective and enjoyable results pertaining to their health and well-being in all aspects. Past experiences have already imbued leadership, patience, compassion, creativity, and other skills essential to being an exceptional Recreational Therapist, Health Care Professional, and an individual as a whole.