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My name is Victoria Rasp, I am a junior in the therapeutic recreation program at Temple University. I came into college not knowing what I wanted to study, but then I learned about therapeutic recreation as I was looking through the different majors offered at Temple University. When I found this major I was instantly interested. I’ve always known that I wanted to work with people, and I am a big fan of recreational activities, so what better way to help people than through something that I love to do. I hope to help others improve their quality of life and I hope to do it in a way that they will enjoy.

As of now, I am uncertain of what setting I would like to work in. I am contemplating whether I would like to work in a pediatric or a geriatric setting but I am open to exploring every option. I have obtained a fair amount of experience working with the geriatric population; however, I do not have much experience with many other populations. I hope to gain a lot more experience through volunteering, shadowing, and the completion of my internships. In the past year, I have gained experience shadowing at Waverly Heights, a continuous care retirement home as well as Maple Farm nursing center. At these facilities I was able to observe how therapeutic recreation is used in a geriatric setting and I witnessed how beneficial the program is to this population. My experience at Waverly Heights and maple farm really helped me confirm that this is the right profession for me.

Throughout the course of the next two years I hope to broaden my experience to a variety of populations. I plan on continuing to volunteer and further my knowledge of therapeutic recreation and my ability to apply it. Once I graduate I hope to get certified in therapeutic recreation. Through the variety of experiences that I will have encountered while in pursuit of more knowledge about the field, I feel confident that I will be able to pick a setting that I am best suited for and I hope to positively affect the participants’ quality of life.