According to the official “Book Of Chubs”, when two Chub-Suit wearers (often referred to as ‘Chubs’) begin to dispute about which Chub is the more supreme Chub, the only way to settle the dispute is by competing in a series of competitions called “Chub Wars”, where the Chub with the highest score at the end is crowned Supreme.

Chubs Vincenzo (Left) and Dante (Right) during the first-ever Chub War.

Sup Chub-fans

A a competitor in the Chub-Wars competition, I would like to personally welcome you to our site. Here you will learn all there is to know about Chub-Wars

Competitions and How to score

To Score in Chub Wars, a competitor must win a competition against the other competing Chub. Competitors also get an additional point for owning a copy of the “Book of Chubs”. The competitions Chubs will compete in are:

  • Frisbee Throw (Distance Contest)
  • Soccer Shoot-Out
  • Sack-Racing
  • Mario-Karting
  • Baseball
  • 1v1 Basketball
  • Nerf-Gun Battle
  • Arm Wrestling
  • Rock Paper Scissors

How to Compete

In order to compete in a Chub-War, both competitors must be Chub-Suit wearers and must wear their Chub-Suit during all competitions. In order for the Chub-War to be valid, there must be someone in attendance who is Chub-Certified to keep score.

Photo of Ava Derago, The Chub-Certified scorekeeper of the first-ever Chub-Wars.

Additional Information

To get Chub-Certified, Please fill out the application form Here.

There is no rule in the “Book of Chubs” that prohibits cheating.