Behind the Doors: The Urban Archives at Temple University

The archives at Temple University are wonderful place to conduct research. During the tour I had the opportunity to see the backroom of the archives. During this tour I noticed that there were a select few three dimensional objects. During the question and answer session I asked about how the archive dealt with these objects. The answer was that three dimensional objects were not used that often and that museums were better suited to handle them. This made me consider the purpose of archives and museums and consider why we think of them as separate entities. Museums for most individuals are open spaces that can be visited and enjoyed by the public. Archives are often perceived as spaces that are used by highbrow academics that have their head in the sky. One of the reasons for this might be because museums hold physical objects, The historical context of these objects can be “understood” by most right away. When it comes to archives though the simple act of reading may turn some away because they must find out the context of an object by doing a small amount of research. People want to see and appreciate objects that look like they come from a world that they have never been to.

One of the solutions for this may by displaying more photos from the archives. These photos can show glimmers into another world just by viewing them. They show fashions of old and people that have been in the grave for a long time. Hopefully more archives decide to seek out more photos to add to their collection. While photos may be hard to describe in an article with words, with the increasing amount of technology used throughout the world and the increasing amount of digitization people may be able to include these photos in their papers by simply copying them in. Hopefully people do not see this as a trivial thing.

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