My name is Varné Freeman and this is my third year attending Temple University. I was an undeclared major under the college of public health until fall semester 2016. I was speaking with my advisor the previous semester about the major choices that might be a good fit for me. She told me about therapeutic recreation which I had never heard of before so I went home and did some research. After my research I decided to take a few classes in the major to gain a better understanding. I am continuing to grow more interest in TR and cannot understand how I have gone so long without knowing anything about this field. I am looking forward to see how my career will flourish in this program.

Professionally, I am still unsure of exactly where I want to be. I know I would prefer to work with people ages 15 to 35 but I might decide to later on that I can connect better with children. I feel as though I would be able to better understand someone closer to my age because I could relate in some ways. Being able to make that connection with a person is very important; I think it is easier to build a relationship by being on a “level field.”‘

To help better figure out what path I wish to take on I plan to wisely spend my volunteer hours in various populations. I plan to escape my comfort zone and find the area that I think I can be a helpful contributor.