The Decisions, Emotions and Aging Research (DEAR) group of the Center for Neural Decision Making focuses on understanding the effect of states and individual traits on human decision making. The group is lead by Dr. Vinod Venkatraman. The emphasis is on using multiple methods to elucidate the mechanisms and processes underlying changes in decision preferences. We emphasize ecological validity of lab experiments by using tasks involving retirement decisions, annuities and healthcare.


William Hampton, PhD student in the Decision Neuroscience program, has a paper accepted for publication in NeuroImage. The paper titled “Dissociable Frontostriatal White Matter Connectivity Underlies Reward and Motor Impulsivity” is co-authored with Kylie Alm, Tehila Nugiel, Vinod Venkatraman and Ingrid Olson. Congratulations Will.

Sangsuk Yoon, PhD student, has a paper accepted for publication in the Journal of Behavioral Decision Making. The paper titled “Variability in Decision Strategies across Description-based and Experience-based Decision Making” is co-authored with Khoi Vo and Vinod Venkatraman. Congratulations Sangsuk.

Principal Investigator, Dr. Vinod Venkatraman, receives the 2016 EARLY CAREER AWARD from the Society for Neuroeconomics.

DEAR lab publication titled “Consumer Neuroscience: Applications, Common Criticisms and Possible Solutions” was featured in MSI Journal Selections in May 2016, for its managerial relevance and potential to improve marketing practice. It was also subsequently featured in the top 10 influential articles for the year in terms of its managerial relevance.