Ameonna is a female spirit. She is considered a rain-bringer. In modern usage in Japan, ameonna refers to an unlucky person who is followed by the rain. That’s me!



Umibouzu is a sea goblin. He eats a human with his huge mouth, but I wonder if he drinks water too much and get full.



Yuki-onna is the snow woman in English. She is a spirit of yokai (ghosts) in Japanese folklore. She is associated with winter and snowstorms. But what if she is sensitive to cold?

Do you want to go to Greed Island?

It’s going to be summer vacation soon! I usually play games at home rather than go outside. But I haven’t played games for a while because I have been too busy in the last two years.


There is a video game in HxH, Greed Island. It is played on the Joystation which is a similar type of gaming system like the Playstation but in the real world.


As long as you have skills of Nen (a special skill in HxH), you can play this game. (It is a fictional game). In the show, it is said that the game is extremely dangerous  because the game transports the players’ physical bodies into the world of Greed Island. So, there is a possibility of the player loosing their life.


On the other hand, you have a chance to get rare treasures or a high status, so it might be worth it. Also, there are special skills in this game besides Nen skills.  For example, if you get a very rare card, some of them can grant your wish.


So, I would play this game, if I can use Nen.

Mystery of Aruka

In last post, I talk about the family of Zoldyck, which is one of the main characters, Killua’s family in HxH. Among 5 brothers, Killua’s brother Aruka has a lot of mystery. Especially about her sex, I wonder Aruka is a girl or a boy. So I did little bit search about that.


In the TV show, Killua call Aruka “sister”, but some servants of Zoldyck family call her ”young master”. This is really confusing…


According to this website, it says the family and servants think that Aruka is a boy except Killua. Only Killua thinks Aruka is a girl. In the first time, the family’s introduced in the comic book clearly said that they have  5 brothers, but the confusing part wrote that Aruka and Karuto (one more girl looking brother) don’t look like guys.


I think it is influenced by their mother Kikkyou who wears extremely cute decorative dress. I think she wanted to have daughters too much to share her hobby together.

Mr. Gon

The main character of HxH is Gon, but do you know he has a nickname? It’s Gon- san (Mr. Gon). If you are reading a HxH comic book, you might know this. Lately, Gon in the comic book is becoming stronger, and one of his skills grows himself to adult in order to kill a really strong enemy.


I don’t know why people start calling him like this, but I think it is because he suddenly becomes an adult-looking and he doesn’t look like a kid anymore, so people respectfully put Mr.


But I think people just make fun of calling him Gon-san. Since Gon-san shows up in the comic, HxH fans keep talking about Gon-san, and some people start cosplay of him, which is very funny because it isn’t normal Gon anymore.


Here is the line that people use Gon-san as a funny joke.


Okashina Suizokukan

Every summer, I visit aquariums. One of my favorites is the aquarium in the Sunshain City in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. It is at the top of the building. From July 16th to August 13th, they sell sweets that look like sea creatures. It’s called Okashina Suizokukan, Sweets Aquarium.


Okashina Suizokukan

I can’t imagine how it tastes, but I want to go buy some cute looking sweets!


Now, the aquarium in Ikebukuro also has an event called “Okasina Ikimono” (unique creatures), so if you have chance to go there, you also enjoy this event as well.

Okashina Ikimono Aquarium


Last time, I wrote about HxH exam. Just a reminder, the HxH exam is the exam that the main characters in HxH participated in.


In the second stage of the Hunter exam, one of the two examiners ask them to prepare a piece of sushi (Japanese food). However, most of them have no idea about what sushi is because most people are not Japanese. But Hanzo, who is calling himself, a ninja (Japanese professional spy) accidentally spills the information about sushi. Then, the people proceed to deliver their idea of sushi what sushi might not be right. They made something like this..

image image

I’ve never thought how hard to make food that I have no idea what it is about. But it’s almost impossible to guess from only the hint of sushi. I heard some countries do not eat raw fish at all, so it’s harder for them.




The character in Hx H, Komugi is the World Gungi Champion in this show. I like her messy white hair and black eyebrows. I know a comedian who looks like her, but I think it is because of her eyebrows.

イモトアヤコAyako Imoto’s Official Website

Her name is Imoto and she became famous in the TV show Itte Q. She’s a reporter for traveling to exotic locales. Mostly, she reports about a rare animals around the world; her nickname is “Rare Beast Hunter”, so it’s actually related to HxH! For me, she is a real version of a hunter.


Unlike Komugi, Imoto is very loud and way more cheerful! She’s a very funny person so I really recommend you watch the show.



In HxH, hunters use a special skills, Nen which can adapt to many situations. Today I want to introduce one of the characters, Senritsu. She is one of the main characters, Kurapika’s co-worker who is a very straightforward and kind person.

There is HxH website for HxH nerds! People can make comments on topics about HxH. And some persons ask how Senritsu passed a HxH exam.

Because the company that Kurapika and Senritsu belong to requires Nen skill, the person who asks this question thought Senritsu also passed a HxH exam and then learned a Nen skill.

The Senritsu’s skill is to track targets and hear conversations from hundreds of meters away. She can hear people’s heartbeats and tell them whether they are lying or not. Despite her skill is useful, she doesn’t have ability of attack.

The people in the website make a funny guess at how she passed. Let’s look at it.

1) Lose their motivation by playing beautiful music


She’s called Music Hunter, who uses music as arms. Her skill can mentally heal people, so it is possible to lose someone’s motivation for fighting.

2) Bite


Because she has big teeth, some people think that could be one of ways to fight.

3) Use a flute as an arm


If this is the only way she can do, I don’t think she can survive in the exam at all.

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