Types of Projects

Conceptual Design

Conceptual Design Projects

Conceptual Design refers to projects which have yet to be implemented. They are usually projects which have been proposed, but are looking for funding.

Conceptual Retrofit Design

Conceptual Retrofit Design Projects

Conceptual Retrofit Design is used for projects which involve existing infrastructure or features and have yet to be implemented.

Implemented Design

Implemented Design Projects

Implemented Design describes projects which have been completed. They are the second largest group of projects in this database.

Implemented Retrofit Design

Implmented Retrofit Design Projects

Implemented Retrofit Design is used to describe projects which have both been finished and are designed to use already existing infrastructure or features.


Operations Projects

Operations Projects involve changes to some kind of policy or program. They could be a different way of cataloging permits or other changes in government organizational structure.

Retrofit Design

Retrofit Design Projects

Retrofit Design Projects have a complete focus on design based around already existing features.

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