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Delaware Valley

Project Context

The geographic context of the project involves the five counties in Southeastern Pennsylvania.

  • Bucks County
  • Chester County
  • Delaware County
  • Montgomery County
  • Philadelphia County

The Technical Program includes projects in the Pennypack Creek watershed, within which the project team implemented five stormwater BMPs: the restoration of riparian buffer, creation of upland fresh water wetlands, constructed wetland, infiltration trenches, and an under parking lot infiltration gallery in order to alleviate flooding, reduce peak water flows, restore the natural habitat, and foster increased ecosystem health.

The project also initiated the restoration of an upland fresh water wetland which was overcome by invasive species and added additional monitoring requirements for the existing bio-infiltration traffic island on Villanova University campus.

While the Technical Program has focused efforts within the Pennypack Creek watershed and on Villanova’s campus, the Outreach Program has a broader geographic focus – the Philadelphia Region. The project provides outreach through symposia, workshops, and educational tours, reaching municipal officials, regulators, developers, engineers, planners, lawyers, and others involved in regional stormwater management.

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