Meadow Lake Wetland Creation


The Meadow Lake Restoration project was implemented at the site of a large (150’ x 220’) swimming pool that had been abandoned in 1996. FPC removed the swimming pool and associated infrastructure, and created a wetland that corresponds to the shape of the original lake. Volunteers and contractors also planted 600 native trees and shrubs in the wetland and on the adjacent upland. The park’s maintenance yard was re-configured as part of the project. The Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia conducted pre and post project monitoring. A portion of this funding was used to plant 280 trees and 860 shrubs in 2 acres of formerly mown lawn surrounding Meadow Lake, thus increasing the amount of usable habitat and providing a vegetation buffer for the site.


County: Philadelphia
Watershed: Delaware River


PA Department of Environmental Protection
Fairmount Park Conservancy




Philadelphia Parks and Recreation

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