Concourse Lake Dredging and Wetland Creation


The combination of deep sediment and shallow water led to warm water temperatures, reduced water quality and undesirable conditions for fish.  The goal of the project was to deepen the eastern 2/3rds of the lake and to construct an emergent and scrub/shrub wetland within the western 1/3rd of the lake, reusing the dredged material. Trash and debris was removed from the lake. All the sediment that had accumulated in the lake was pushed into the western 1/3 of the lake, creating a wetland. A series of log grade control structures was built to convey storm-flow into the lake while holding the sediment in place. Logs were placed in the pond and wetland to create cover and basking sites for reptiles. 5,000 plugs of native herbaceous wetland plants (3,700 grown by PP&R staff) were installed in the wetland, along with 355 native shrubs. The site was also seeded. Park staff harvested and installed willow cuttings along the wetland/lake interface. Temporary goose exclusion fencing was installed to form 20’ x 20’ cells throughout the western 1/3 of the site. Lastly, Park staff repaired the leak in the outlet structure.


County: Philadelphia


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