Andorra Meadow Reclamation


  • Delineated substantially expanded area and improved quality of meadow (21 ac) and shrubland (4 ac) Identifying beneficial trees such as oaks, hickories and hollies to retain for habitat

  • Removed hundreds of early-successional trees (such as black locust and black cherry) and invasive shrubs (such as multiflora rose and autumn olive) in a 33-acre area, including from degraded forest communities that abut the meadow
  • “Softening” steep slopes and smoothing uneven terrain by grading
  • Closing all old trails and creating 4,500 feet of new trail
  • Installing 3,400 feet of 8-ft high deer fencing and access gates to create a deer-proof exclosure
  • Planting 2,300 native trees and shrubs in the exclosure and along meadow edges, including the creation of conifer stands for specialized habitat
  • Restoration of approximately 8 acres of forest & forest understory
  • Increased food, cover, breeding, and nesting areas for a 20+ species of birds


County: Montgomery
Watershed: Wissahickon Creek


U.S. Forest Service (ARRA Grant)
Friends of the Wissahickon
PECO (Green Region Grant)
Natural Lands Trust


$350,000 (All Construction)


Philadelphia Parks and Recreation

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