Carroll Park Gully Repair and Wetland Enhancement


The project site begins at two outfall pipes that discharged to a created gully. Stormwater flowed through the silted pond and created an additional 100 feet of eroded gully, which then discharged to Cobbs Creek. In addition, the outfall pipes and apron at the end of Carroll Rd. were undermined and a sanitary sewer manhole was exposed by the erosion. Although this project did not reduce the amount of impervious surface in the upstream watershed, all of the major problems beginning at the outfall structure were addressed.  Bank erosion and head cutting were eliminated which substantially reduced downstream sediment loading.  The stream corridor was reconnected with the floodplain and an emergent wetland was created, which improves flood storage and water quality treatment.  These areas were replanted with a diversity of native plants which will further stabilize the site and improved wildlife habitat.


County: Philadelphia
Watershed: Darby-Cobbs Creek


Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (Growing Greener Grant)
Philadelphia Water Department




Philadelphia Parks and Recreation

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