Belmont Intake Project


A very active goose feeding area next to a parking lot was causing several problems: 1) More than 10 tons of goose droppings per year were washed from the site into the Schuylkill River, 1/5 mile upstream of a drinking water intake that serves about 25% of the City of Philadelphia.; 2) Large numbers of geese had denuded and compacted riverbanks and the adjacent floodplain, leading to soil erosion. In 1999, a project was implemented to alleviate these problems. The project consisted of the following components: Invasive vegetation was removed from the site; Denuded goose travel lanes on the river bank were filled with soil, stabilized and planted with native shrubs; The bare floodplain was roto-tilled, seeded with native grasses and forbs and planted with shrubs; 900 feet of 2-foot high fence was installed along the river bank to block goose access from the river; An interpretive sign was installed that explains the problems associated with feeding non -migratory geese in that area.


County: Philadelphia
Watershed: Schuylkill River


Philadelphia Water Department
League of Women Voters
Partnership for the Delaware Estuary
Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
William Penn Foundation


$14,000 (all construction)


Philadelphia Parks and Recreation

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