Mann Music Center


The Mann Music Center undertook several projects including a retrofit of an existing parking lot with a large bio-retention area, installation of a large infiltration trench, and creation of three smaller bio-retention areas as part of a landscape improvement. The systems were designed to capture one inch of rainfall, as well as flood control through mitigating the peak rate.

As part of the expansion and improvements at the Mann Music Center, the existing employee parking lot was modified to include a large bio-retention area at the entrance to both improve the landscape and provide stormwater management. At the upper entrance, three landscape bio-retention areas are incorporated into the traffic circle, with overflow to a level spreader in the woods. The stormwater system was designed to provide stormwater management for the facility and solve existing drainage and moisture problems associated with the Mann’s construction as a “bowl” on a hillside, challenged by clay soils and shallow bedrock.

Lessons Learned
A Smart Drain system was used to provide controlled slow release and improve vegetation health in areas of high water table/poor infiltration. Sediment control is essential.


County: Philadelphia County
Watershed: Schuylkill River


LRSLA Studio
MGA Architects




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