Waverly Road Leaf Composting Facility


Found at Waverly Road and Cheltenham Avenue, the Waverly Road Leaf Composting Facility has been accepting township residents’ leaf and garden debris since April 2006. Stormwater runoff from the facility contains leaf leachate, which has a negative effect on water quality levels. One major effect of leaf leachate is to increase the acidity of the water, which is harmful for aquatic life.

In order to remove leaf leachate from stormwater, the water is collected through a series of stormwater inlets then flows into two vortex separators which separate solids out of the stormwater. It is then conveyed through storm pipes to a bioretention facility that is filled with specified materials that filter the leaf leachate and other contaminants as the water settles through it. The treated water is then piped to a meadow, where the water is dissipated and infiltrates into the ground.

The benefits of this project include infiltration of collected runoff to promote recharge of groundwater into underground aquifers, and the diversion of stormwater from the sewer system, which promotes reduces the occurrence of sewer overflow and subsequent contamination of local waterways.


County: Montgomery
Watershed: Tacony-Frankford Creek


Cheltenham Township


$800,000 in funding from PA Department of Environmental Protection Section 902 Recycling Grant
Additional funding from Cheltenham Township


Rudy Kastenhuber
Cheltenham Township
8230 Old York Road
Elkins Park, PA 19027
215-887-6200 x214

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