Valley Square Shopping Center Stormwater Management Techniques


The Valley Square Mixed Use development is an example of a “New Town Center” design intended to place compatible uses within close proximity of each other. The site includes an age-restricted residential community, a hotel complex, and a shopping center that including a supermarket. The project includes a Low Impact Development approach to stormwater that includes over 80 Best Management Practices through the site, including porous pavements, vegetated swales, bioretention, and subsurface infiltration beds.

Design Credit: Cahill Associates, Inc.

Site Design (Small)

The site design is centered around preserving open space to protect the wetlands and mature woodlands located on the banks surrounding a tributary of the Little Neshaminy Creek that runs through the center of the sloping parcel. Bioretention areas, located in parking areas, aid with filtering and infiltrating runoff and reduce the overall volume of runoff into the vegetated stream corridor and wetlands. The stormwater system can reduce the peak flow rates of the 100-year storm event to 67% of the pre-development condition without the use of standard detention basins.


County: Bucks
Watershed: Neshaminy Creek


Bucks County Conservation District
Cahill Associates, Inc.
Gilmore Associates
McCloskey & Faber
Metro Development Company




Daniel Wible
Cahill Associates
104 S. High Street
West Chester, PA 19382

Site Design (Large)

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