Ursinus College Constructed Wetland


The Ursinus College wetland is found in the northwest section of the campus, drains a 38-acre watershed encompassing many college buildings, parking lots and recreational facilities. The wetland is a retrofit conversion of a 3-acre sedimentation basin constructed in 2001. Students of environmental studies at Ursinus College designed the wetland with the aid of F.X. Browne. Three-tiered levels were built in order to provide for different zones supporting different types of vegetation. Water continuously and steadily drains from the wetland. The basin was constructed in 2006, and planting occurred in 2007.

The wetland ecosystem acts as a biological filter for cleansing runoff, while it works to reduce the quantity of peak runoff delivered to the storm system and local streams. Native plants in the basin treat runoff before it drains to the Perkiomen Creek. The site also serves as a research site for the college’s Environmental Sciences program.


County: Montgomery
Watershed: Perkiomen Creek


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