Thomas Jefferson University Runoff Capture and Reuse System


The Thomas Jefferson University’s new Dorrance H. Hamilton building, an educational center for the campus, is accompanied by a 1.6 acre public plaza that includes features designed to reduce stormwater runoff to Philadelphia’s sewer system. The system will collect roof runoff and condensate from air conditioners and divert the water to a cistern located under the landscaped plaza area. The site’s runoff collected from an inch of rain is sufficient to irrigate the plants in the plaza for one week. The irrigation system, which can store up to 17,700 gallons of water, will save $1,600 a year in water charges.

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County: Philadelphia
Watershed: Delaware River


Andropogon Associates
Burt Hill
Thomas Jefferson University 




Jose Alminana
Andropogon Associates
10 Shurs Lane
Philadelphia, PA 19127

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