Saylor Grove Stormwater Wetland


In the spring of 2006, the Philadelphia Water Department (PWD) designed and constructed a 0.70 acre stormwater treatment wetland in Saylor Grove to address the impact of urban runoff and bank erosion along the Monoshone Creek. The Saylor Grove wetland is located at the terminus of a 156-acre urbanized watershed and filters a large portion of the watershed’s approximately 70 million gallons of annual stormwater. This watershed drains into Monoshone Creek, a major tributary of Wissahickon Creek. Water entering the wetland originates from two main sources: a daylighted stream that was formerly piped under the park, and stormwater diverted from the storm sewer system. Water flows over cascading rocks, which help slow the flow of the water and to settle out some contaminants, before entering the wetland. Wetland plants and wildlife continue to filter the water naturally, to slow the flow of the water and to settle out contaminants. The wetland system is designed to filter non-point source pollutants and reduce the peak stormwater flow rates and volumes. This will result in improved water quality of the Monoshone Creek as well as at the PWD’s Queen Lane Intake, reduced downstream bank erosion and improved aquatic habitat. The site is highly visible and includes public access and environmental education opportunities. The PWD installed a boardwalk with educational signage illustrating the effects of stormwater and non-point source pollution.


County: Philadelphia
Watershed: Wissahickon Creek

Saylor Grove, a 3.25-acre park within the Fairmount Park system, is located in the Germantown neighborhood of Philadelphia. Saylor Grove is bounded by Rittenhouse Street to the south, Wissahickon Avenue to the northeast, and Lincoln Drive to the northwest.


Philadelphia Water Department
Fairmount Park Commission
PA Department of Environmental Protection 
Center in the Park Senior Environmental Corps


Total: $574,125 ($150,000 PADEP and $424,125 PWD)


Marc Cammarata, PE
Philadelphia Water Department
Office of Watersheds
1101 Market Street, 4th Floor
Philadelphia PA 19107

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