Jarrettown Elementary School Rain Garden


In a September 2008 workshop taught by URS Corporation’s Senior Ecologist Antonio Federici, homeowners were given the opportunity to learn about installing a rain garden on private land. Participants and other volunteers then gathered to transform a sod basin on the grounds of Jarrettown Elementary School into a rain garden. The Jarrettown Elementary School rain garden, designed by URS Corp, was installed in an existing stormwater facility located on the school grounds. It absorbs and filters stormwater runoff from the school’s roof, which had previously run into the nearby, flood-prone Fort Washington Office Park.

The project was parochially funded through a Wissahickon Watershed Partnership grant and can now be used as a living, growing classroom for the district’s students. The rain garden is an attractive example for Upper Dublin residents of small scale, proper stormwater management; it also serves as a training site for both public works and the school district’s maintenance crews, where they can learn how to properly upkeep and maintain this type of stormwater management installation.


County: Montgomery
Watershed: Wissahickon Creek


Jarrettown Elementary School
Jarrettown Parent Teacher Organization
Upper Dublin Environmental Protection Advisory Board
Upper Dublin School District
Upper Dublin Township
URS Corporation




Vera Shembel
Upper Dublin School District

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