Enterprise Heights Stormwater Management Techniques


The Enterprise Center Community Development Corporation has developed a mixed-use development in West Philadelphia. The Plaza at Enterprise Heights blends 75,000 square feet of retail and office space with 160,000 square feet of residential use consisting of 100 condominiums.

The building’s 10,000 square foot green roof is expected to reduce the site’s stormwater runoff volume by 50-60%. Runoff that would typically flow into the Mill Creek combined sewer is now captured, filtered, and stored for reuse for flushing toilets. In addition to vegetation, the roof also features walking paths constructed of pervious paving blocks that allow rainwater to seep into the catchment area. An extensive education program for tenants and neighbors accompanies the development of this mixed-use facility.


County:         Philadelphia
Watershed:   Schuylkill River


Erdy McHenry Architecture
Roofscapes, Inc.
S. Edgar David Associates 


Total for Stormwater BMPs: $500,000
Total for entire project: $60 million

Funding partners
PA Department of Environmental Protection
Philadelphia Water Department
The Reinvestment Fund
US Department of Housing and Urban Development
US Economic Development Administration


Omowale Crenshaw
Managing Director
The Enterprise Center Community Development Corporation
4548 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19139

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