Avon Grove Charter School Stormwater Management Techniques


In the late fall of 2008, preparations began for the initial stages of an innovative new initiative designed to create both an overarching focus for environmental programming for the year, and to create a space for environmental research and discovery previously unavailable at AGCS. A portion of the AGCS campus was reconditioned by staff, students and community volunteers to provide natural habitat for native plants and animals and to concentrate a variety of habitat-types into a relatively small area. The project would simultaneously improve an existing bioretention area for natural stormwater infiltration and create a restored habitat for a wide variety of native species. Click here for a plant list.

Related to this effort, during the school’s Earth Day 2009 festivities, high school students completed several projects that would enhance the stormwater management capacity of the campus, as well as serve as educational tools. These projects included: constructing swales that carry runoff; planting native vegetation in the newly restored meadow and throughout the campus, and monitoring the water quality of the wetlands area.

By the autumn of 2009, three distinct biomes will exist on campus: a meadow, an experimental bog garden/wetlands area, and an aquatic habitat. A trail blazed by students will connect these spaces with a small enclosure named “Bartram’s Green” (after the eighteenth century Pennsylvania botanist) where students will assemble for outdoor studies.


County: Chester
Watershed: Red-White Creeks


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Avon Grove Landscape Plan

Avon Grove Grading Plan

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