Tiny Houses Everywhere

I’ve been interested in Tiny Houses since I first started building forts in elementary school.  These little structures were created using wood and sticks I found in abandoned lots, in ditches, in garbage cans- anything that looked like it didn’t belong to somebody was fair game.  The forts I built ranged from the usual- a small treehouse with so many holes in the walls you couldn’t hope to keep out the Minnesota mosquitoes- to a very cool underground fort.  I spent weeks digging a huge hole, lined the dirt walls with thin paneling material, used an old rug for the floor and then created a woven stick structure as the roof. The idea was that I could be inside and anyone walking around above me would think my fort was just a pile of sticks.

So, the tiny trailer project is just an adult outgrowth of all those things that drove me to build childhood forts- the coziness of small spaces, the independence of having your own ‘house’, the satisfaction of building something all by yourself.

In my day job I work as a film professor at Temple University in Philadelphia. I just learned about a very cool student competition that the university sponsored that combines sustainability with tiny houses.  Check out the link below.  Clearly the twenty-somethings of today not only get the issue, they are actively working to make sustainable living a reality.

Temple Tiny House competition

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The window of the upstairs office looks out onto my back yard. Seven years ago I finished building the studio- an ambitiously crazy present to myself for my 50th birthday. Behind it is the fence company and then you reach the railroad tracks. All told, the tracks are probably less than 300 feet away from where I’m sitting.


the backyard studio

When we moved here I was sure that the sounds of the train would keep me up at night. These weren’t the romantic train sounds of my youth- the low clacking of distant wheels, a dying whistle floating through a summer window. Still, there’s something inherently romantic about train tracks. So much possibility.

walden tracks540
Train tracks at Walden Pond

The outside temperature is 17 ˚F but this morning I’m thinking about summer.

Swimming Walden Pond

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