Turtle shell trailer

Last week I slept out in my driveway.  I hadn’t done this sort of thing since I was in junior high and my buddy Sara and I thought it would be fun to sleep on lawn chairs in my parent’s driveway.  Of course, this being June we got eaten alive by Iowa’s state bird, the mosquito. But, we did last the whole night and spent many other summer nights out under the stars.

Today we leave on the maiden voyage of the trailer I built last summer. I say summer because I started in June and thought I would finish by August. August came and went but fall camping is the best sort of camping so I wasn’t concerned. However, it was only days before Thanksgiving when I hung the door and added the lock.  With snowflakes swirling, it was too late to give the trailer a run.

So now, after nearly a year of planning, building and tweaking, the trailer is ready for its christening.  I now officially dub thee Turtle Shell Trailer.



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