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Update to VA Certification Situation

Please refer to the two previous posts regarding VA enrollment certification and the Forever GI Bill ZIP Code issue.

Most of the students who are using VA Education Benefits and have declared their benefit for the fall 2018 term have had their enrollment certified to the VA.

Many of the remaining students are taking one, or more, classes at a campus other than Main. At this time, though the VA system has not been updated to receive the required ZIP code information, we will begin certifying those students.

What this means to you:

You may initially receive the BAH indicated for Main Campus. When the VA system is updated and the actual campus ZIP codes can be reported, you may be eligible for a different BAH. There is conflicting information at this time regarding whether, or not, students will be held responsible for repayment if it is determined that the location of their classes indicates a lower BAH. Please be aware that there is a chance that an adjustment could be made to your BAH after the ZIP codes are reported. Some students have reported that they have spoken to VA representatives and have been told that no repayment will be required, but an email from our ELR, Tyler Smerlick, indicates that “[if] there is a disparity between the BAH rates of Philadelphia and wherever the other training site is it will either create a debt or an under payment.” As you may be aware, Philadelphia has a number of different ZIP codes and, at this time, we have not been made aware of how the BAH rates may be calculated.

We appreciate your patience as we make every effort to further the process in a way that least impacts Temple University students.