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8/20/2018 VA Benefit Certification Update

As you may know, the VA has made a significant change in how we must report enrollment for students using VA Education Benefits. If you are new to the process since the last email, or if you simply want a refresher, you can refer to Office of the University Registrar’s blog: Transcription.

For students enrolled at a campus other than Main Campus, initial enrollment certification is still on hold at the request of the VA. At this time, there is no mechanism for reporting the required location information (general international code, or ZIP code in the US). To reiterate: we have only been cleared by the VA to certify the enrollment of students who are taking all of their courses on Main Campus. The only indication we have received is that the system will be updated to accept the required information in “mid-August.” To date, the change has not been made.

What this means to you: If you are among those we cannot certify, there may be a delay in your housing and/or book funding. We are well underway certifying students who are taking all courses at Main Campus. This means that the rest of you can expect our full attention as soon as the VA system is updated and we are cleared to enter the enrollments with location information.

Students at international campus locations will see a significant change in their housing benefit. All research on the subject indicates that this change will be immediate as of August 1, 2018 – with no “grandfathering” of past practices. Students taking a majority of their courses at a campus outside of the US will be receiving the posted rate which can be found by navigating the VA Education and Training web page.

The Office of the University Registrar will continue to relay changes as they are reported.

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