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GIBenefits- PA Act 11 Residency

Under PA Act 11, Temple University grants in-state tuition rate students who have a Pennsylvania address and are eligible for GI Bill® benefits under chapters 30, 31, 33, 35 and sections 1606 and 1607. This change also applies to active duty military personnel, spouses and dependent children living with a Pennsylvania address who are utilizing their benefits.

Students eligible for in-state residency for tuition under PA Act 11 can now submit the required documents via GIBenefits portal application.

  1. Login in to TUportal
  2. Click on the Student Tab
  3. Navigate to University Forms, and select University Registrar under Office/Description
  4. Click on GIBenefits
  5. Complete the Servicemember/Dependent information
  6. Click on Upload Documents
    1. Unless previously provided, upload your Certificate of Eligibility or eBenefits Education Enrollment Status page as document type CERTIFICATE OF ELIGIBILITY or Form DD214  showing PA as the home of record as document type VA DOCUMENT
  7. Select RESIDENCY PROOF as the document type, and upload proof of living in Pennsylvania:
    1. Off-campus: provide a copy of the lease
    2. On-campus: ensure that your residence hall address is up to date with University Housing and Residential Life.  If housing assignment has not been made, upload a note indicating that housing deposit has been paid.


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