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GIBenefits- Declare Benefits

The final three features we would like to highlight in GIBenefits portal application for students are the Servicemember/Dependent Information tab, and Declare Benefits tab, and Upload Documents tab.  

Servicemember/Dependent Information tab

To provide the information sought in the Servicemember/Dependent Information tab, students can reference their eBenefits document or their certificate of eligibility.  The Servicemember/Dependent Information is required one-time only, but students may choose to update as necessary.  The details provided in the Servicemember/Dependent Information tab is required for declaring benefits, and it will assist the School Certifying Official better manage the certification process.  Students should fill out the Servicemember/Dependent Information as accurately as possible.

We encourage all servicemembers or dependents, regardless if using GI BIll benefits, to submit the required information in the Servicemember/Dependent Information tab to be eligible for other services and benefits at Temple.  

Declare Benefits tab

Servicemembers/dependents can notify the School Certifying Official of their decision to use education benefits.  To declare the use education benefits, the servicemember/dependent must:

  1. Be registered for the term in which the declaration is taking place
  2. Complete Servicemember/Dependent Information (required only once)
  3. In the Declare Benefits tab, select the term to declare benefit use, and select YES for the decision.

Upload Documents tab

Servicemembers/dependents can upload documents for the School Certifying Official to review.  When a document is required, the School Certifying Official will inform the servicemember/dependent of the specific document required, and document type to select when uploading.  To upload a document:

  1. Navigate to GIBenefits
  2. Click on the Upload Document tab
  3. Select the document to upload
  4. Select the document type
  5. Click Upload

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