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GIBenefits: Student Information- Course Schedule and Certification

In this post, we would like to highlight the Course Schedule section in GIBenefits portal application Student Information tab.  The Course Schedule displays each registered section with relevant information necessary for certification purpose.

  • CRN: course reference number of the section
  • PTRM: part of term in which the section is scheduled
  • RSTS: registration status in the section
  • CRHRS: credit hours allocated to the section  
  • SUBJ: course subject
  • CRSE: course number
  • SCHD: the schedule type for the section
  • INSM: the instructional method for the section
  • Start Date: indicates the first meeting date of the section
  • End Date: indicates the last meeting date of the section
  • VA Credit Type: indicates if the credits are considered resident (RESD) or distance education (DIST) for certification purpose

The registration information in the Course Schedule section is real-time, but formatted differently to better understand how the courses will be certified with the VA for education benefits.

The last section in the Student Information tab is Certification Information.  The Certification Information displays enrollment information in the format of how we submitted to the VA.

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