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TUadvisorX now available

Office of the University Registrar is pleased to announce the general availability of TUadvisorX.  TUadvisorX is a TUportal application for authorized administrative users across the University, regardless of campus or school/college, to interact with the Office of the University Registrar on matters related to student records. The initial release of TUadvisorX offers three valuable features:

  1. Upload Documents. In this feature, authorized users can digitally send to the OUR supporting documents for archival purpose or to initiate action by the OUR.  Documents that may be uploaded include:
Academic standing Forgiveness Applications
Administrative drop for non-attendance Graduation Amend Form
Administrative grade change Graduation Application
Curriculum Exceptions/Corrections Leave of Absence Petitions
Department Memo Manual Repeats
Degree Confirmation Letter Registration Revisions
Degree Evaluation School/College File
Enrollment Verification

Users can flag documents for OUR review or processing.

Please note: Advisors will continue to use TUsafesend to submit any Petition for Excused Withdrawal.

  1. Using the Upload Documents feature, schools and colleges can now use TUadvisorX as a central repository to digitally store paper documents by selecting any of the above noted document types or by selecting SCHOOL/COLLEGE FILE document type.
  1. Activity Log. The dashboard tab in TUadvisorX features an activity log that describes transactional activity extracted from 15 different processes presented in natural language. More will be added in the future.

Operational changes

With the general availability of TUadvisorX, the Office of the University Registrar will phase out accepting documents via TUsafesend (with the exception of Petition for Excused Withdrawal) after January 31, 2018.   Users will be required to submit forms intended for initiating student record changes via TUadvisorX.

Accessing AdvisorX

TUadvisorX can be accessed via TUportal.  Users can click on the Banner tab (or Advisor tab), then enter a TUID in the Student Dashboard channel.  After the channel returns the student, click UPLOAD/ACTIVITY LOG link to open TUadvisorX.

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