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Transcript Processing Updates

Since the launch of electronic transcript processing in 2015, we have fulfilled over 100,000 transcript orders.  While the major new benefit is the availability of electronic transcript, we are always looking for ways to enhance this service for all students who attend or attended Temple University.  In the past two months, we made minor enhancements to our internal transcript fulfillment operation.  While the method of ordering a transcript remains the same (via Parchment), we augmented the ordering service with additional communication and enhanced internal workflow. New updates include:

  1. We changed the earliest enrollment date for automatic fulfillment from 1990 to 1980 to allow for more students to receive an electronic transcript or quicker processing of paper transcript.
  2. Address validation has been enabled in the storefront to prevent returned delivery.
  3. Students who order a paper transcript for express mailing now receive a secondary confirmation to let them know that we received the order, and a follow-up email will be sent with the tracking number.
  4. Students receive a follow-up email informing them to cancel the order if we are not able to fulfill it.
  5. Students and recipients receive a follow-up email to inform them that the instructions to download the electronic transcript were sent to the intended recipient and what to do if the instructions were not received.
  6. Enhanced our internal workflow to ensure that all express mail orders are shipped the next business day.
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