A look back at 2015

For the Office of the University Registrar, 2015 resulted a major step toward advancing our mission. We set the groundwork for what’s ahead, and made great progress on several major initiatives.

Transcript process: With the implementation of eTranscripts, we improved the processing of orders to near-real time. During the 2015-2016 winter break, we offered transcript ordering for the first time to eligible students. Eligible students took advantage of the eTranscript option to fulfill the requirement for admissions and other purpose. Over 400 students ordered eTranscripts during this winter break, which meant absolutely no delay in delivery for them. We are very thrilled!

Technology: We made major investments in further improving our technical infrastructure, which allowed (and will allow) us to enhance communication, improve process management, and improve customer service. Some of those improvements are noted below.

Registration: We launched a new email campaign to inform students about priority registration. What makes this campaign unique is that the message in each email is highly customized to each student, providing the exact date upon which the student may begin to register and other pertinent information. Over 80% of the students who provided feedback found the information useful.

Other communication: We now inform students about Temple’s enrollment policy via email during each registration period. The email explains key aspects of the University’s enrollment policy in easy to understand terms and concepts. To overcome a challenge posed by new scheduling options, we began monitoring course registration overlaps in the summer terms and notifying students about discrepancies. Additionally, when an administrator in the Office of the University Registrar processes one or more registration transactions on behalf of a student, the student receives an email detailing that update to the record.

Research and analytic: We completed more than 10 research and analytic projects for Enrollment Management and other units across the University. Most notably, we developed an experimental process that mines students’ academic history to match courses required for a particular minor – which in our pilot scenario identified potential candidates for a minor in Business or General Business.

Overall, 2015 was a great year! It would not have been possible without the Banner Student Competency Center, the Portal Team, BPI Group, and other University community members helping us with the progress towards our mission.

The best is yet to come! Look out for updates on Project Stella, Sandbox, Atlas, and GIBenefits.