Lab Members

Sarah Tursi, PhD.
PhD. Lewis Katz School of Medicine, Temple Univeristy
B.S. Washington College
Project: Elucidating the innate immune responses to curli/DNA complexes and developing novel anti-amyloid strategies to inhibit biofilm formation

Lauren Nicastro
Graduate Student
B.S. Widener University
Project: Understanding the role of NLRP3 in recognition of curli/DNA complexes

Amanda Miller
Graduate Student
B.S. La Salle University
Project: Investigating the expression of amyloid curli in vivo

Long Le, M.S.
Associate Scientist
B.S. Temple University
M.S. Temple University
Research Project: Determining the shift of the gut microbial population upon induction of intestinal inflammation

Freddy Rosario
Masters Student
Research Project: Determining interactions between amyloid curli and intracellular liposomal compartments

Former Lab Members
Neha Jain, PhD.
Jamie Rosenstein, BS
Nicole Mederios, MS
Gertrude Oppong, PhD
R. Paul Wilson, PhD
Glenn Rapsinski, MD PhD
Tiffany Newman, PhD
Jessalyn Nishimori, MD
Steven Biesecker, MS
Amulya Boyana, PharmD, MS