The DSC specializes in a variety of digital research tools and methods that can be readily applied to coursework. Contact the DSC if you’re interested in learning more about any of the following opportunities or in sending any of your students to the center for assignment support.

Specialized Software and Equipment

The DSC supports a wide range of specialized software and equipment for student use. We have open computers and digital fabrication equipment available during open hours, as well as circulating 360 degree cameras and Arduino kits for use outside the library. To learn more about software available in the DSC, visit the Temple Libraries DSC Software site. For DSC Hardware, look here. Visit our Makerspace page for more info on the Makerspace.

Class Visits

If you are a teacher who would like to bring your class to visit the DSC, please contact us ahead of time. It is sometimes ideal to have your class visit in smaller groups. Especially for using our VR lab, please contact us to prepare and arrange lesson plans for your class visit.


DSC staff members have expertise in a variety of digital tools and pedagogical theories, such as digital gaming and critical making, and welcome opportunities to talk to instructors interested in using makerspace equipment, text analysis, data visualization, digital exhibitions, or other technologies in their classrooms. We are also available for individual consultations for students and faculty who would like to integrate digital tools into their work.


Every semester, the DSC offers a variety of workshops on digital tools and methods. All Temple community members are welcome to attend, though please alert the DSC if you plan to bring your course or a large group of students as soon as possible ahead of time. You can view past and on-going workshop descriptions and schedules on our workshop page.


Online tutorials offer a low stakes introduction to many digital tools and methods. A great place to start is, which you can access with your Temple user ID and password. The DSC also curates a set of tutorials and guides on our Libguides page.


The DSC gathers and curates data sets for study and analysis. These include a wide-variety of publicly available datasets, as well as data scraped from various media sources. Besides these born-digital datasets, we also curate two collections as data:

The Gen Con Database includes searchable and downloadable data from all 50 programs of the Gen Con gaming convention. Covering 50 years and over a quarter million Gen Con events, the database offers an exciting glimpse into gaming history and trends. The data set is publicly available at:

The Twentieth-Century English Literature Corpus contains plain text files of over 100 twentieth century novels. Due to copyright, it is only available to Temple University affiliates. Contact the DSC to learn more about gaining access to the data set.

Digital Exhibitions

The DSC supports Omeka and its Neatline plug-in for digital exhibitions, as well as Scalar for digital publishing. These platforms are popular for both faculty research and student projects, offering opportunities for students to collaborate on research, writing, and designing digital content.