Ph.D., Media and Communications, with a special focus on health science communication.

In my research I wish to explore how and why over simplified, contradictory or outright false health news based on real health research is broadcast in the media, and what measures we can take to counteract this trend. My approach is to focus my efforts on a case study of health research related to nutrition and how it links certain products to cancer. Method-wise, I would like to do a large analysis of peer-review, nutrition research publications that focus on nutrition decisions and cancer risk, and compare them to their counterparts in popular online media. I will be using a web scraping/tracking technology that would help me track what happens as new studies get picked up by various news outlets, as well as popular blogs and social media sites. The next step would be to compare the content similarities and differences to the original. This would provide both the general overview of the problem, and an insight into possible causal factors in a few, key case studies. I hope to make a small, yet significant impact in this research area, and I think Digital Research will be a vital piece of the puzzle.