The Digital Scholars Program is a collaboration between the Center for the Humanities at Temple and the Digital Scholarship Center of Temple Libraries. It trains graduate students at Temple to apply digital research methods to humanistic or artistic material for their own research or creative projects. Participants meet weekly in the Fall for an introduction to digital research techniques. In Spring, students work on their own projects and meet every two weeks. At the end of the year, all participants present their projects to the scholarly community.


Digital Scholars 2017-2018:

Jeff P. Antsen, Ph.D., Political Science

Ania Korsunska, Ph.D., Media and Communications

Andrew Litts, Ph.D., Music Composition and Theory

Emily Logan, MS, Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship

Alodia Martin-Martinez, Ph.D., Spanish and Portuguese

Connor L. D. Phillips, Ph.D., Media and Communications

Keisha Wiel, Ph.D., Anthropology

Rachel Wildfeuer, Ph.D., Sociology