The Temple Collaborative will waive the $50 registration fee for a limited number of participants with lived experience who have a strong plan to promote community inclusion in their home agencies after the institute.

The Temple Collaborative is committed to supporting participation for those with lived experience who are employed or volunteer with a community-based mental health provider agency (i.e., peer run programs, community mental health centers, psychiatric rehabilitation agencies, etc.) and who have a strong plan to make use of the information they gain from the Institute in developing or expanding community inclusion opportunities within their home settings.

Please email Richard Baron at the following information by May 1, 2017 for consideration or with any questions.



Phone Information

What mental health service provider do you work or volunteer for



What is your job title / What are your volunteer responsibilities?

In no more than 150 words, what are your plans for developing or expanding community inclusion programming at your place of work in the year following your participation in the Temple University 2017 Institute on Community Inclusion.