Temple’s Technology Fellows Program

Session Topic: Integration of Course Material with Technology
Session Format: Panel Discussion
Session Location & Time: Room 217B, 2:45 -3 :15 pm
Moderator: Gail Gallo

Presenter:  Sally Kyvernitis, Faculty
Department: Computer Science

Presentation Description
In this session we will explore “best practices” that we found in our Technology Fellow program, which is in its 4th semester, here at Temple University. This program uses upper level, high achieving, and technologically savvy undergraduate students to assist faculty members to incorporate technology into their classroom, for the purpose of making learning more engaging, and/or making teaching more efficient/effective. This program bridges the gap between busy faculty members and Temple’s Instructional Support Center as well as Teaching and Learning Center. After a brief presentation about Temple’s Tech Fellow program and a few of its “success stories”, there will be a Question and Answer period.

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The Technology Fellow Program at Temple(pdf)

Presenter Bio
Sally Kyvernitis has been a faculty member in Temple’s Computer and Information Sciences Department for the past 7 years. She has a BS in Computer Science from Duke University and a MS degree in CS from Indiana University (Bloomington, IN). In addition to her teaching at several colleges, she also spent over 10 years in industry, working in various capacities, such as, programmer/analyst, project leader, and consultant. Her interests lie in teaching web application development, databases, and programming (java/python). She is the faculty mentor for Temple’s Technology Fellow Program where undergraduate students assist faculty members by giving them the student perspective on how instructors can incorporate technology into their classes to foster a more engaging learning experience.