Session Topics:

  • Integration of Course Material with Technology:  Addresses ways to represent course material with technology.
  • Engaging Students with Technology:  Describes the interactions between students, the course  content, and you, the instructor.
  • Assessing Student Learning with Technology: Represents technologies used by an instructor to demonstrate evidence of what students know.
  • Teaching with Technology Online: Focuses on how instructors’ online courses positively impact student learning.
  • Accessibility in Higher Education: Covers topics related to creating accessible materials to support student learning.

Presentations & Presenters

15 Apps in 30 Minutes, Version 2.0! Engaging Students with Technology
– Sherri Hope Culver

ABC’s of Digital Learning, The Teaching with Technology Online
– Jamie Mansell & Casey Breslin

Capturing Student Growth, Evolution, & Transformation with Analytics Engaging Students with Technology
– Cliff Tironi & Christine Kiely

Flipping Your Online Discussions: Synchronous & Asynchronous Methods Teaching with Technology Online
– Carly Papenberg

Fox Video Vault is Flippin Good!, The Integration of Course Materials with Technology
– Darin Kapanjie, Jason Leeser, & Josh McKibbin

Government Information & Data Research: There may be an App for that Engaging Students with Technology
– Latanya Jenkins

Lessons Learned: Teaching Data Visualization with Tableau Public Integration of Course Materials with Technology
– Meredith Broussard

Making Studying Stick with Interactivities Engaging Students with Technology
– Christian Wurst, Allyce Barron, & Liesl Wuest

Online Learning & Lecture Capture Teaching with Technology Online
– Justin Shi, Richard Beigel, & Claudia Pine-Simon, Rolf, Lakaemper, & Anthony Hughes

Practical Guide for Making Course Materials Accessible, A Accessibility in Higher Education
– Brent Whiting, Lee Hardin, Gail Gallo & Paul Paire

Success in an Asynchronous Environment: VoiceThread & Mosaic Online Engaging Students with Technology
– Alicia Cunningham-Bryant & Jordan Shapiro

Sustainable STEM Service: Student Supported Application Development, A Integration of Course Material with Technology
– Charles Edamala, Jeffrey Ramspacher, Wendy Urban, & Adam Krol

Tablets Head-to-Head Integration of Course Material with Technology
– Lori Bailey

Teaching Social Media Literacy with Twitter, Pinterest, & Tumblr Integration of Course Material with Technology
– Dustin Kidd

Temple’s Technology Fellows Program Integration of Course Material with Technology
– Sally Kyvernitis

What Students Want (and Need) Engaging Students with Technology
– John Sorrentino