Flipping Your Online Discussions: Synchronous & Asynchronous Methods

Session Topic: Teaching with Technology Online
Session Format: Presentation/Demonstration
Session Location & Time:  Room 220, 10:45 – 11:15 am
Moderator: Simuelle Myers

Presenter:  Carly Papenberg, Senior Associate Director
School/College:  Fox School of Business

Presentation Description
Many online courses use discussion boards and discussion in virtual meetings, but are they actually meaningful to student learning? Do students actively interact with the material to showcase high levels of content comprehension? Developing discussion both inside and outside of the classroom can be difficult. Specifically in an online course, active, engaging discussion is imperative between students and faculty. When designing course discussion there are many things to consider surrounding the questions asked and the amount of content for students to share. This session will look at strategic tips to engage students in online discussion for virtual meetings and the discussion board. Best practices for both synchronous and asynchronous discussion will be provided and address andragogical methods to engage students in active learning communities.

Flipping Your Online Discussions (pptx)

Presenter Bio
Carly Papenberg is the Senior Associate Director, Instructional Design for Fox’s Online BBA program. Carly works closely with faculty to assist with the development and deployment of online course curriculum materials. Specifically, she focuses on helping faculty and students to use WebEx, Blackboard, and other resources. Carly also works as an adjunct instructor and holds a participative faculty status in Fox’s Human Resource Management department. She teaches both online and on-campus sections of her course Communicating in Organizations. A Temple Alumni, she earned her Master of Arts in the School of Media and Communication in Broadcasting, Telecommunications, and Mass Media department. Currently, she is working towards her doctorate in Educational Administration.