A Practical Guide for Making Course Documents Accessible to Promote Student Learning

Session Topic: Accessibility in Higher Education
Session Format: Presentation/Demonstration
Session Location & Time:  Room 217D, 11:30 am – 12:00 noon
Moderator: Robert Pred

Presenter:  Gail Gallo, Director, Instructional Support Services
Department: Computer Services

Presenter: Lee Hardin, Senior Instructional Support Consultant
Department: Computer Services

Presenter: Paul Paire, Executive Director
Department: Computer Services

Presenter: Brent Whiting, Director
Department:  Computer Services

Temple University has engaged in a project to ensure that its information and technology is accessible to individuals with disabilities. According to a recent federal survey, nearly 11 percent of all post-secondary students have a disability. Providing accessible instructional materials helps not only students with disabilities, but other students as well. An overview of the accessibility initiative at Temple University will be presented to familiarize participants with the people involved to promote an accessible community. Participants will have the opportunity to view  a course document that is not accessible and use ready-made tools to identify and remediate issues using the most commonly viewed document among students at Temple – a course syllabus.

Presenter Bio
Paul Paire is a Computer Services employee who had managed the Accessibility initiative at Temple University. Paul managed the accessibility standards and guidelines that evolved out 8 working groups in conjunction with steering committee co-chairs. The groups were made up of individuals representing various aspects of information and technology available across the University.