Researchers from Temple University are partnering with the Tookany/Tacony-Frankford Watershed Partnershp (TTF) and the Philadelphia Water Department (PWD) on a trash monitoring project in an outfall area near the Tacony Creek in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The goal of the project is to identify types of trash that accumulate in inlets and end up in waterways, such as the Tacony Creek. The project started in December 2013 and allows us to identify problem areas and changes that happen from season to season. We are also developing proposals to address trash accumulation in the outfall area.

Our research team includes:

  • Hamil Pearsall (PI), Assistant Professor of Geography and Urban Studies, Temple University
  • Matthew Quackenbush, PSM candidate, Geographic Information Systems
  • Jeffrey Karmazin, BA candidate, Environmental Studies
  • Lauren Foltz, BA candidate, Environmental Studies
  • Stewart Scott, BA 2015, Geography & Urban Studies
  • Robert McDermott, MA 2015, Geography and Urban Studies (former team member)
  • Samuel Konstantinov, BA 2015, Environmental Studies (former team member)
  • Bianca Santos, BA 2014, Environmental Studies (former team member)
  • Elizabeth Janczewski, BA 2014, Geography and Urban Studies (former team member)
  • Ryan Polzer, BA 2014, Environmental Studies (former team member)
  • David Hatten, MA 2013, Geography and Urban Studies (former team member)

Please contact Hamil Pearsall (hamil.pearsall@temple.edu) with any questions.

Project team at outfall arae

Weekly inlet survey

Rapid Trash Assessment



For more information on the project, please see our community outreach flyer below:


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